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Sencore - wellav - Wellav Technologies

Sencore, well-known audio and video delivering brand

Sencore is a well-known audio and video delivering brand that helps video producers and operators to deliver their programs to viewers.




With more than 60 years' experience, Wellav Sencore is the leading brand in the global audio-video industry. Sencore's cutting-edge techniques successfully ease the difficulty of channel-transferring (over hundreds). What's more, its accurate monitoring technology can guarantee the stability of broadcast system and enhance the end user's experience.

Sencore's promise is to provide the best products in the industry, to guarantee a stable and reliable product, Sencore chooses its equipment components carefully, control the production process strictly. Therefore, High-quality products wins many praises for it from its customers such as cable/satellite/terrestrial TV, telecom operators, radio and television, content providers. Their customers include HBO, DISCOVERY, NBC, TIME WARNER, FOX, SONY COMCAST and so on.

In addition to the high quality product, Sencore also provide the clients with the professional technical service team who have been strictly trained. Sencore sets up a regional customer service in many countries all around the world, providing personalized technical support and product service for life.

In December 2014, Sencore became a sub-brand of Wellav. The acquisition of the brand makes the company more powerful. With comprehensive product lines and strong customer service ability, Wellav Sencore offers great support to its customers in system deployment and expansion, helps them gain more profit. And therefore, Wellav Sencore’s maket share increase rapidly.

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